I have lost many downloads, becuase my Dropbox files were deleted somehow. If you have any downloads, email me.

Also, Say goodbye to this website. Soon it will be gone! New Site: tiny.cc/sbware2-0

HTML5 Logo:
Short - No short link, Tiny URL (tiny.cc)'s website broke, I can't create a short link anymore for some reason.
Long - http://clips.animatron.com/61266bf14798e3141d9df6bc10b42b9b

Short link to this website: tiny.cc/sbware

/ScottB-Ware/ is a page by Scott B. to showcase his software.
If you Use this stuff in your own software, put in this message, please:
"Credit to Scott B. @ scottb-ware.jottit.com"

DOS 6.22 [ABONDONED] Anti-Problem - Version 1.1

This is before I knew about BAT-to-EXE conversion, it's low for my standards, and I'm never working on this again. It's a stupid application

This is a Anti-virus for MS-DOS 6.22, it's not very good.
Downloads are Lost. :(

WIN .NET [ABONDONED] SimpWeb Browser - Version 1.0

This is a simple Web Browser made with Visual Basic Express 2013.
Don't treat this as software, but as an example to use for making apps with VB Express.
Downloads are lost. :(

BOOTABLE -- Bootable 1.44mb Floppy Pack

See here for credit of creators of these games.

Bootable Dyna-Blast
Dyna-Blast is a Bomberman Clone for MS-DOS.
Bootable Mortal Pong
Mortal Pong is a Pong Clone, with a bit more fun mixed in for MS-DOS. Bootable MS Pac-PC
Dyna-Blast is a MS. Pac-Man Clone for MS-DOS. Bootable MS-DOS
Do you seriously not know what MS-DOS is. Bootable MS-DOS (w/CD-ROM)
Bootable MS-DOS, but with a CD-ROM driver. I make fun of it for saying your CD drive is named "BANANA".
Bootable IBM Space Commanders IBM Space Commanders is a old CGA game made for IBM PCs and compatibles. WARNING: FLASHING LIGHTS WHEN YOU LOSE. Just a warning to make sure you don't have a seizure if you have Epilepsy.
Bootable Z26
Z26 is a Atari 2600 emulator for MS-DOS. If you want more ROMs, make sure to put in another Floppy Disk/etc.
Bootable Hexxagon
Hexxagon is a game with 2 sides. This game is hard to explain.
Bootable Hexxagon II
Same as Hexxagon 1, but slightly different.
Warning: These are Floppy image files, not zipped versions of the floppy disks. Be careful.
Downloads are lost. :(

DOS/WIN -- dCopy

dCopy is a Disk Copying program,
and PLEASE read this:

dCopy Versions Included for Download:
dcopy.exe: dCopy for MS-DOS Command Line.
dcopy-cwin.exe: dCopy DOS's code compiled for Windows. (You use CMD to execute this, it's a "command line application")
dcopy-ewin.exe: dCopy redesigned/enhanced for Windows. (No need to start in CMD, it's a GUI version)
Downloads are lost. :(

WIN -- Disk Simulator 2014

I will not be updating this, because I lost the source code.

A small little thing. I made it in January 2014 (i think).
Downloads are lost. :(


Coming Soon!
A Flash Drive with a Emulator and Games on it!
I made it about a year ago, and I lost everything except:

  • A Game List to use

  • The Name

  • The Readme

  • The autorun.inf

  • The Changelog

  • and, the main idea & plans

I have restarted making it!
Soon I will have a Development Version Download.

Release Date: Febuary through December 2015

ANDROID -- ScottB-Ware App

This is a Android App that will link to this website!
This did not take that long to make, but here it is:
Downloads are lost. :(


This is my first game published on this website!
How to play:
(You will need Java to run this game.)
Shoot the Errors with your Cursor to fix your Computer!

Move Mouse - Move "Shooting Target"
Click - Shoot

Downloads are lost. :(

WIN -- Text Animation Format (.TXA)

I made my own video format!
See the downloads and other info at the Email Archive.

WIN .NET -- SimplyNet (SimpWeb 2.0)

This is a small web browser (that can navigate/etc.) which can be used.
Executable (Password Protected Version)
Password: 1NDn_kCKcbipoKU4tZq6oiHUKyJqDoAKGmQXB4KbY9I

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