Credit for MS-DOS Games

PacPC/MS. PacPC, and PC*Bert - JROK @ JROK Land -- All his games: JROK's MS-DOS Games (Includes: PacPC, MS. PacPC and PC*Bert)

Credit for Apps in Apps

7Zip Suite (7zfm.exe, 7z.exe+files, 7za.exe) (7Zip File Manager, 7Zip Command Line w/files, 7Zip Command Line Standalone)
7Zip Self-Extract (7z.sfx)
Microsoft PS (PowerShell) (Only Available in Windows XP+ or Windows Vista+)
Advanced BAT to EXE Converter
Scratch & SB to JAR
Batch Language (MS-DOS & Command Prompt, .BAT)

changed January 31, 2015