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Subject: I made my own Video Format! (TXA)

From: [Me] To: [Shawn K]

I made my own Video Format.
The file format is ".TXA" (Text-Animation)
and i'll tell you how it works:

Making a TXA (1)

Animating (1.1)
First, make a empty folder.
Now, make frames in the empty folder.
These frames will be called "{number}.TAF.TXT" (.TAF means Text Animation Frame)
It will start from 1, and you can make it as long as you want.
And in these frames, make a animation with ASCII/ANSI.

Configuring (1.2)
Now that you've done that, configure the TXA.
to do this, make four files:


desc.tac.txt (1.2.1)
This will be a "Description" for your Animation.

end.tac.txt (1.2.2)
This is the ending frame. If you would like the viewer to see the last frame in the video, make this one more than the last frame.

speed.tac.txt (1.2.3)
This is the Speed the animation goes at. this number is in FPMS MSPF (Frames per Millisecond Milliseconds per Frame).

title.tac.txt (1.2.4)
This is the title of your animation.

Compiling (1.3)
To compile a TXA, just simply ZIP the folder the files are in, and then rename the ".ZIP" extension to ".TXA".

Playing TXAs (2)

How you play a TXA is that you just use my player:
Download Lost.

Using the Player (2.1)
You can use it in the command line (goto 2.1.1)
or in the Windows UI. (goto 2.1.2)

Command Line Usage (2.1.1)

"TXA Player.exe"

Windows UI Usage (2.1.2)
You can Drag & Drop the TXA to the TXA Player Icon,
or you can set the TXA Player EXE as the default application for opening .TXA files.

Example TXAs to look at (3)

Test.TXA "Test Animation" (3.1)
Download Lost.

Explosion.TXA "ASCII Explosions" (3.2)
Download Lost.

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